Experienced. Efficient. Effective.



“Michele is a special lady . . . she is prompt, efficient, awesome, and has writing skills extremely above average. She can stand toe to toe with the best! She is also not scared to stay up late with a client and is not one of those lawyers that pick up the case the morning of your trial over a cup of coffee!!!! Do not miss the opportunity to work with her . . . . she is a 10!” –litigation client


“I get phone calls every month asking me to recommend a good lawyer; in the past there have been few that I would recommend as I was reluctant because I really didn’t feel comfortable doing so but now you have removed that discomfort as I can recommend you with complete confidence and intend to do so” –litigation client


“Thanks for your advice and guidance – you made this easy!” –estate planning client


“It was a real pleasure interacting and working with you. We felt very much at ease and very comfortable with the professional approach you pursued with our legal documents.”
–estate planning client


“I would like to thank you for the way you resolved this issue. You are very professional and I appreciate you listening to me very much”
–opposing party in litigation